Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The fallout continues as the GOP's regressive plan comes into focus

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'The dog that caught the car': Republicans brace for the impact of reversing Roe

Everything was going right for Republicans in the midterm campaign. Then the Supreme Court decision came down.

Republicans finally got the Roe v. Wade decision they wanted, and in public, they are delighted.

More quietly, however, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republican strategists and party officials, they just didn’t want it to come right now — not during a midterm election campaign in which nearly everything had been going right for the GOP.


If Manchin and Collins are genuinely surprised and irate, there's an easy fix: suspend filibuster, enlarge court, add 4 justices, overrule Dobbs. It would blow up Court, and I'm not saying I'm for it; but OTOH the Court is now positioned to be a regressive force for a generation.

— Harry Litman (@harrylitman) June 25, 2022
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