Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The GOP capitulation to authoritarianism puts the country at risk

4 weeks ago 32

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Greg Sargent/The New Republic:

Awful New Info About Trump and “Reich” Video Shows Deep MAGA Sickness

Yes, the campaign took down the “Unified Reich” video. Meanwhile, Trump and his allies are aggressively seeding the discourse with fascistic language that’s much, much worse.

The Trump campaign’s initial story about this video may or may not prove true. But as we debate those specifics, let’s not lose sight of a larger point. Trump and his highest-profile allies have plainly embarked on a broader related project—one that seeks to acclimatize the American electorate to fascistic language and far-reaching authoritarian policy “solutions.” They are slowly edging the discourse deeper into that fraught territory, as if painstakingly testing how far they can take this without provoking too much public discomfort over it.

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