Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump's outrageous campaign ploy threatens American cities

2 years ago 24

We begin today’s roundup with The Washington Post and its editorial on the Trump administration’s latest election ploy strategy of deploying federal agents to Democratically-led cities to foster unrest:

THE RIGHT to protest is enshrined in the Constitution; any attempt by government to squelch it forcibly is an affront to our most cherished values. Vandalism and violence of the sort that, for more than a month, have attended the mostly peaceful protests in Portland, Ore., are different: antithetical to public order, a blow to blameless property owners and, as a political matter, a gift to President Trump.

The president is a master of distraction and misdirection; predictably, he has seized on the disorder in Portland to deflect attention from the pandemic and to exploit the country’s deepening tribal divisions, which have served his political purposes so well. In the name of restoring order, he has weaponized law enforcement officers, uniformed as shock troops. Rather than de-escalate, they seem deployed to inflame what was already a volatile series of daily demonstrations.

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