After passing mask mandate, school board threatened by angry parents: ‘We’re coming to your house!’

3 weeks ago 18

Stories of anti-mask violence at school board meetings are taking over the internet. Every day it seems that another school district is encountering violence at the hands of anti-maskers who would rather resort to violence than simply put on a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19. Parents of children across the country are not only threatening school and health officials in favor of masks in schools, but physically assaulting them under the guise of their parental rights being violated.

In at least two states, Nevada and Pennsylvania, meetings have progressed from verbal arguments to physical violence as a result requiring police presence. But that’s not all: Despite arrests and criminal charges being thrown at some protesters, anti-maskers are not backing away from their violence. In a recent incident, parents and attendees of an Iowa school board meeting erupted in violence when the board passed a requirement to wear masks.

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