As critical election nears, US's most powerful voting rights enforcer goes dark

1 year ago 26

The justice department, led by William Barr, has been quiet when it comes to protecting the right to vote, former department lawyers say

The Department of Justice (DoJ), the agency with unmatched power to prevent discrimination at the ballot box, has been glaringly quiet when it comes to enforcing voting rights ahead of the 2020 election, former department attorneys say.

Amid concern that the attorney general, William Barr, is using the department to advance Trump’s political interests, observers say the department is failing to protect the voting rights of minority groups. While the department has been involved in a handful of cases since Donald Trump’s inauguration, it has defended voting restrictions in several of them. The department’s limited public activity has been striking, particularly as several states have seen voters wait hours in line to vote and jurisdictions are rapidly limiting in-person voting options because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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