Australia Covid live news update: Morrison says sorry for slow vaccine rollout; NSW records 124 new cases and Victoria 26

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Scott Morrison says sorry for sluggish vaccination program; two people have died following a first AZ dose; NSW residents will learn lockdown fate ‘this time next week’. Follow all the latest news

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5.20am BST

Prime minister Scott Morrison is finished in Canberra...and so am I. Here is Naaman Zhou, back, back again, (just like Marshall Mathers) to take you through the afternoon.

5.16am BST

Morrison also uses a question about the infectiousness of the Delta variant - and whether it might require Australians to shift their view of how to manage outbreaks because of this - to urge people to get an AstraZeneca jab ASAP:

The Delta strain is proving a much tougher combatant than the Alpha strain and other strains of COVID-19 and that is why right now, whether it is what they are doing in South Australia or in Victoria or what is being done in New South Wales, each of those jurisdictions - and I am in constant contact with all of them and will discuss them more tomorrow at National Cabinet - are looking to ways we can be most effective in combating the Delta strain.

Can I tell you, there is not a country in the world that has cracked it. Not a country... In the world... That has been able to be successful so far in such missing the Delta strain. So it is a big challenge for all of us around the world.

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