Australia Covid live news update: NSW records 124 new cases as Qld closes border to entire state: 26 cases in Victoria

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Queensland records no new local cases and will ease restrictions; 24 of new cases in Victoria have been in isolation through infectious period. Follow all the latest news

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Berejilkian has said again that the state isn’t quite seeing the effects of the harder lockdown just yet (brought in on Saturday), given the lag in the data caused by the days the virus remains dormant before someone tests positive.

This is feeling eerily similar to press conferences in Melbourne as their second wave was climbing before stage four restrictions were put in place.

Well, it’s very important to note, unfortunately, those that are infectious in the community are in the main derived from critical activity - buying groceries, going to the pharmacist, having to undertake critical work. We’re finding transmission in areas where people have to be where they’re at and that’s why it’s important to make sure that if you’ve been asked to have a test every three days, you do so. If you have the mildest of symptoms, do not come to work.

Unfortunately, we get recurring cases of people who have symptoms and turn up to work thinking they’re not infectious and of course then we have unfortunately people who think they have no symptoms and visit people outside their household and spreading it, so the messages are the same. We just need everybody to please stick to the rules we’ve provided. We want the infectious rate to go down. We haven’t completely ... we haven’t had the results of what the harsher lockdown restrictions may have had and that won’t happen until early next week.

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Just on that aged care case I mentioned earlier.


The workers at the aged care facilities were not vaccinated ... But the worker and residents at the disability home had received one dose of the vaccine.

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