Australia news live: China denies ‘irresponsible accusations’ over naval encounter, GP distribution to be reviewed

6 months ago 60

Beijing officials say warship stayed at a safe distance and deny that it deployed sonar that injured an Australian diver. Follow the day’s news live

Good morning and welcome to our rolling news blog. I’m Martin Farrer and I’ve got some of our best overnight stories before Emily Wind takes you through the bulk of the day.

Our top story this morning is an interview with a climate scientist who first raised concerns about the warming planet. Kicking off a three-part special series called The weight of the world, Graeme Pearman tells how in 1971 he travelled the world with six flasks of air to help prove C02 levels was rising. Almost 50 years later Pearman asks himself: “Where did I go wrong?” We also have a video of Graeme sharing his frustration with the lack of action and a Full Story episode.

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