Australia news live: No new local Covid cases in NSW and Victoria, while southern states hit by heatwave

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Late February vaccine rollout planned. Meanwhile, South Australian authorities issue warnings as bushfires erupt in Adelaide Hills. Follow all the latest updates, live

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12.47am GMT

Police in NSW gave a press conference a short time ago, and urged people not to attend the Invasion Day protest.

I’ll bring you this officer’s name once I find it. But here are his comments:

Of course, we’re well aware of a public gathering that’s planned for tomorrow in the Domain. I need to remind people that protests are capped at 500 people. You cannot be part of a public gathering for the purpose of protesting more than 500 people. We know that people are talking about larger numbers than that. Police will be out in force, we will be enforcing the public health orders. Again, we’ll be firm and fair and I’m asking people – do not come in and be part of that public gathering.

Find another way to express your views and your opinions. I know we are all aware that these are sensitive issues and they’re very important issues to a lot of people, but we are still in the middle of a global pandemic and we’re asking people to abide by those health orders.

12.43am GMT

A weather update: Melbourne continues hot.

I am outside rn, this is what it looks like

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