Australia news live: royal commission hears of ‘abject failure’ in vaccinating people with disabilities

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Only 834 disability care residents nation-wide have received Covid vaccine; half of the passengers due to board a repatriation flight from Delhi to Darwin on Friday were barred from travelling, but questions raised over accuracy of results. Follow all the latest news live

Call for medevac-style repatriation flights for Australians with Covid from India
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The NSW premier has been asked about calls to allow planeloads full of Covid-19 positive Australians currently trapped in India to return home via medical evacuation flights.

Currently, Covid-19 positive Aussies and their close contacts cannot board repatriation flights and must stay in the subcontinent despite its medical system buckling under the weight of the extreme second wave.

I think in relation to Covid-positive people, that is a whole different question. And we have to make those risk assessments. Already in our quarantine system, we know that whenever we welcome people from overseas back into Australia, whenever we welcome Aussies home, when there’s 3,000 Aussies coming back home, there’s always a percentage of them that have Covid.

We already accept that. Even if they test negative when they’re overseas by the time they get to Sydney, by the time they’re in hotel quarantine, many of them are positive. In fact, in recent weeks, we have had double digits in the teens every single day. So New South Wales has a number of active cases already because of the Aussies coming home. We accept that but we also have to be sensible about it. We have to be sensible about what we can cope with.

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Berejiklian has been asked why a large contingent of Australian cricketers were allowed to return home from the Maldives (after fleeing India two weeks ago) and quarantine in Syndey over and above the state’s weekly cap on returned travellers.

People are fairly annoyed by this whole situation generally given the extraordinarily long waiting list for quarantine spots for trapped and vulnerable Australians overseas.

A request was made to go over and above our cap. If we get these requests through Federal Government authorities or other authorities, our health and police teams make independent assessments of those.

We don’t give a blanket yes to anybody but from time to time if there are requests made over and above the cap, for example, whether it’s seasonal workers or other categories of people that we have looked at, we have received those requests and we have dealt with them through independent assessment from health and police.

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