Australia news live: TGA mulls EU advice on AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and clots; sexual harassment laws to change

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Victoria to open two mass vaccination hubs; UK decision to offer under-30s an alternative to Oxford jab could knock confidence in Australia’s vaccine rollout. Follow updates live

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NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian says she has no intention to close the NSW to New Zealand after learning about the country’s new Covid-19 case mid press conference:

We should accept that during this stage of the pandemic, there will be cases that pop up unexpectedly but just as I would expect people to keep borders open to New South Wales if we had an outbreak we thought we could manage, I would extend that courtesy to New Zealand as we did to Queensland and other states.

I don’t worry about outbreaks which can be managed. We should expect that during a pandemic and having the inconsistency and uncertainty of sudden border closures does not help anybody.

2.28am BST

Berejiklian has been asked if all aged care residents in the state have been vaccinated, and to paraphrase her response was “Brah, don’t look at me, ask Scotty about that one.”

Now her actual quote:

Well, as I’ve said previously, that’s the specific responsibility of the commonwealth and I understand the federal government has issued contracts for that to happen.

It would be unusual and difficult for us to intervene*.

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