Australia politics live: Optus CEO says ‘we are not the villains’ in data breach; anti-sexual harassment at work bill to be introduced

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The bill will implement seven legislative changes recommended by the sex discrimination commissioner, Kate Jenkins. Follow the day’s news live

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Shorten: ‘Optus hasn’t done enough’

Over on the Nine network Bill Shorten had a chat about Optus and the robodebt royal commission (Shorten has found his media niche in commercial tv, particularly breakfast shows).

Well, first of all, we want Optus to look after its customers. Based on what I’ve been told, Optus hasn’t done enough. They have done not enough to protect its customers and their follow up needs to be much more diligent. Clare O’Neil, our Minister for Home Affairs, is coordinating our response. I think it’s time for a giant overhaul- or not a giant overhaul, but a big overhaul of how data’s kept by our large corporations. So we’re doing everything we can to try and apprehend the hackers. But there’s no doubt that the defences of the company were, as I’ve been informed, inadequate, and they’ve got to reach out and support their customers. That’s what we want to do.

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