Bath music venue Moles and Nozstock festival close due to cost of living crisis

2 months ago 18

‘Live music at grassroots level is no longer economically viable’ says co-owner of the cherished gig venue

One of the UK’s best-known grassroots music venues, where acts including Oasis, Radiohead, the Smiths and Ed Sheeran cut their teeth, is to close after 45 years, while the 26-year-old music festival Nozstock is also coming to an end – both due to pressures from the cost of living crisis.

Moles, in Bath, has permanently closed its doors with immediate effect, and with all future events cancelled. Its co-owners said it had been a “horrendous” decision that they were forced to make. “Massively increased costs of stock, utilities and rent compounded by our customers also feeling the impact of the crisis has made it impossible to continue,” said venue co-owner Tom Maddicott.

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