Charges laid after presumed Queensland car-crash victim allegedly found to have been shot

2 weeks ago 19

Police announce manslaughter charge after initially believing man, 21, had died as a result of crash at Booie, near Kingaroy

A man’s death on a Queensland property was initially treated as a car crash fatality by police – who have now charged another man with manslaughter after the alleged discovery of a gunshot wound during the postmortem process.

Investigators initially believed a 21-year-old Nanango man died in the 21 March crash after hitting a fence pole on a private property on Kingaroy Barkers Creek Road at Booie, near Kingaroy.

But after allegedly discovering a gunshot wound on his upper body, police have charged a 38-year-old Kingaroy man with one count of manslaughter and insecure storage of weapons.

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