Conservative youth convention no longer promoting Boebert appearance

2 weeks ago 22

Rep. Lauren Boebert seems to have lost a prime speaking gig at the upcoming Texas Youth Summit. This comes just days after the group proudly announced the Colorado gun-fetishist would be speaking to its nonprofit founded on “Judeo-Christian principles.” The news that Boebert would be speaking at the event came the day after it was reported that the congresswoman had been booted from a Denver theater for being a general disturbance.

Boebert initially claimed she was just having a good time, tweeting, “I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!” But her excuses went up in vapor after 9News Denver got its hands on more surveillance footage of what took place in the dark theater. This gave the public a clear picture of how much of a disturbance Boebert and her date caused, with visual evidence of vaping, fondling, flash photography, and general narcissistic disregard for her fellow theatergoers.

Boebert’s second mea culpa also went over like a bag of bricks, since it read less like a genuine apology and more like something a liar writes after being caught lying. Of course, the Texas Youth Summit’s organizers have taken down evidence Boebert was scheduled to speak at the event, but the internet is forever—and so are screenshots.

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