Conservatives push anti-queer book ban that could result in librarians spending a month in jail

4 months ago 16

Republicans are kicking off 2023 with a slew of anti-trans and anti-queer bills—and if this sounds like a broken record, I’m sorry to tell you it is, but for good reason. Conservatives are working hard to ostracize and delegitimize marginalized folks and are attacking the LGBTQ+ community wherever they can, ranging from sports bans to health care barriers to criminalizing drag shows. (Yes, it’s quickly gotten that outrageous.)

The coverage is heavy, frustrating, and at times deeply demoralizing, but we owe it to ourselves and our peers to keep up the fight and raise awareness about what’s happening in each state, no matter how much power Republicans hold over those constituents. 

With this in mind, let’s dig into some of the latest legislative hate efforts from across the nation. Just weeks into January, we can already discuss anti-trans sports bills and anti-trans health care bills (for both adults and youth), plus Republican missions to (squints) jail librarians. 

Yes, it’s that bad.

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