Derek Chauvin trial: more witnesses to testify as defense continues its case – live

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One of The Guardian’s correspondents in Minnesota, Amudalat Ajasa, has been in Brooklyn Center reporting on the police killing of Daunte Wright, 20. Wright, a Black man, was fatally shot during a traffic stop Sunday. Authorities are expected to make an announcement about whether to charge the officer who shot Wright, Kim Potter.

Ajasa reports: “Outraged and spiritually exhausted residents of Brooklyn Center on the outskirts of Minneapolis have condemned what they described as a long track record of racial targeting by police in the small city.”

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Testimony in the Derek Chauvin trial has resumed. Chauvin’s defense lawyer, Eric Nelson, has called Dr David Fowler to testify as an expert witness. Fowler, who retired from his role as Maryland’s top medical examiner in 2019, is a veteran forensic pathologist.

Nelson is expected to call several medical witnesses for the defense in an attempt to show that George Floyd died to his drug use and heart problems. The prosecution has argued that Floyd died because of Chauvin’s use-of-force, not drugs or health conditions.

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