Holocaust comparisons, apologies, and the power of the people

3 months ago 26

Yet another Republican lawmaker has drawn a comparison between the Holocaust and vaccine mandates prompted by the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic. Yet another “apology” has been issued for such comments. And if history is any indicator, when the public handwringing period cools and the performative apologies from the offending party end, nothing will change, really.

There will be some other Republican somewhere down the road who will draw the comparison. And there won’t be any calls for censure from GOP leadership. There won’t be any real course correction or internal reflection done. There might be a slap on the wrist in private and forced apologies in public. There may even be some tangible consequences like the removal of that person from a committee assignment. But beyond that, history has shown of late, that’s about it. 

It’ll just keep happening this way as long as Americans keep electing those individuals into office, or if the responsible person is not removed from their perch of great privilege as an elected official in the United States. 

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