House Republicans get no help, Confederate monuments, and more you might have missed

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Honestly, you could have told me that we were invaded by aliens this week and I would have believed you based on how crazy the past few months have been. Feel like you missed some stories? No worries. I’ve got your back.

Apparently, Trump wants to lose by even more

By Kos

We know that impeached Cheeto Donald Trump is losing. When I first wrote those words a couple of months ago or so, liberals freaked out. I’m sensing that most of us can accept that now (without getting complacent). Things have only gotten worse for him since then, and it’s threatening to rout Senate Republicans and expand Democratic leads in the House. Trump has been the worst thing to happen to the GOP since … forever.

So given the political climate, Trump’s troubles with key core constituencies like seniors and non-college whites, the Republican collapse in the suburbs, and a fiercely energized liberal base, how would you advise Trump and his campaign to turn things around? If you said “demand even more ideological purity,” then you have a bright future in the conservative movement!

He just loves burning bridges — doesn’t he?

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