Israeli forces attack ambulance crews!

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ISRAELI occupation forces yesterday prevented Red Crescent ambulances and their medical teams from entering the Tulkarm camp and reaching the casualties.

The Red Crescent told a WAFA correspondent that it had received several calls from citizens inside the camp about injuries caused by occupation bullets in the camp’s neighbourhoods, some of which were serious.

He added that the occupation forces deployed at the entrances to the camp prevented ambulances from entering the camp, and subjected them to searches and detention for a long time.

Earlier, the Red Crescent said that its crews were dealing with two people beaten by the occupation forces inside the Tulkarm camp.

Since yesterday, Red Crescent ambulance crews, including volunteers and paramedics, have been attacked and detained by occupation soldiers.

Five paramedics were detained while three ambulance officers were injured by shrapnel from an explosion inside the camp. An ambulance vehicle was destroyed.

In the same context, the occupation forces chased civilians in the city’s neighbourhoods, especially the southern neighbourhood, stopped their vehicles, and subjected them to inspection, torture, and interrogation.

The occupation forces detained former prisoner Saif Hussam Idris Ezroun after raiding his house in the northern neighbourhood of the city, while they raided the home of the family of the detainee Muhannad Talal Mansour Shuraim in the western neighbourhood of Tulkarm, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment, and searched it and interrogated its residents.

The occupation forces also deployed in various neighbourhoods of the city of Tulkarm and set up their checkpoints at various entrances, specifically Al-Alimi Roundabout and Nablus Street, coinciding with the ongoing aggression against the Tulkarm and Nour Shams camps, as damaging infrastructure and detaining and abusing civilians continues.

Earlier yesterday morning, a Palestinian youth was killed by occupation forces in the ongoing aggression against the city of Tulkarm and its two camps, whereas a house was blown up by the forces, who burned another, and severely beat a number of civilians, amid widespread destruction of the infrastructure.

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