Israeli forces target Khan Younis school for onslaught

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Israeli forces targeted a school in Khan Younis that was sheltering hundreds of displaced Palestinians, critically injuring at least eight people yesterday.

‘We heard from paramedics and first responders that it was difficult to transfer those injured inside the school to Nasser Hospital, despite the fact it was a very short distance,’ said al-Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud, reporting from Rafah.
‘The intensity of the bombing prevented the ambulance and paramedics from getting to the school, this is what we have been seeing since the early hours of this morning.’
As the world celebrated International Day of Education yesterday, the Israeli occupation has deprived more than 625,000 students in the Gaza Strip of education.
At least 4,551 students have been killed in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, with 8,193 others wounded, according to the Palestinian Education Ministry.
According to the UN, all of Gaza’s schools have closed, with Israeli bombardment of Gaza having affected 90 per cent of government schools and educational buildings.
Gaza’s Health Ministry said yesterday that at least 25,700 people, mostly women and children, have now been killed in the besieged Palestinian territory since the war began on October 7, with at least 210 people killed over the past 24 hours and nearly 400 others wounded. The number of injured now stands at 63,740.

  • The Israeli occupation army destroyed at dawn yesterday a house belonging to the family of prisoner Basel Shahada in Urif town, south of Nablus in the West Bank.

A large number of Israeli troops with bulldozers and armoured vehicles stormed Urif town, raided the house of prisoner Shahada and cordoned off the area around it.
Israeli military engineers planted explosive inside the house before detonating it and reducing it to rubble.
The Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Shahada and two other young men from Urif town in recent months on allegations of their involvement in the resistance operation that had been carried out on June 20, 2023 by martyrs Muhanad Shahada and Khaled Sabah, from al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas. Four Jewish settlers were killed and others were injured in the operation.
The Israeli army already demolished four houses in the town belonging to those involved in the operation.

  • At a Biden rally in Virginia in the USA, a man carrying a Palestinian flag shouted out: ‘Genocide Joe: how many kids have you killed today?’ Seconds later another demonstrator yelled: ‘Israel kills two mothers every hour.’

Biden became irritated, saying: ‘This is gonna go on for a while – they’ve got this planned,’ before accusing his seventh heckler of being ‘a MAGA Republican’.

  • The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to rule on Friday on whether it will grant emergency measures to stop the war in Gaza.

This month, South Africa asked the ICJ, also known as the World Court, to order an emergency suspension of Israel’s military campaign in the Palestinian enclave, accusing it of carrying out ‘a state-led genocide’.

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