It’s not all rosy in Irish politics and society | Letters

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Jim Cosgrove, Felix M Larkin and Joe McCarthy respond to an editorial on Ireland’s growing importance

Your favourable take on recent transitioning in Irish politics employs a neat and worthy WB Yeats spin (The Guardian view on Irish politics: an enviable beauty is born, 20 July). From “terrible” to “enviable” is a welcome moniker change, albeit it took a century or so to crystallise this “beauty”. The sorry nonsense that prevailed for so long between the two dominant centrist parties, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, has for too long stymied any modicum of decency in the round. The erstwhile Celtic Tiger delusion of grandeur was trumped only by the ensuing fastidious commitment to corporate aggrandisement, with an obsequiousness that has not served the poor or homeless well.

True, Ireland has burnished its diplomatic credentials and can now boast some big players on the EU circuit. But what’s more urgent is a leftwing influence to balance the democratic books of inequity. The Apples, Googles, Facebooks and big pharmas of this world can find much too easy comfort here, providing high-end tech jobs with favourable tax arrangements, but a recalibration towards a broader spread of the fiscal cake is the salient priority.

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