Jill Biden questions whether special counsel referenced son's death for political points

5 months ago 39

First lady Jill Biden said in an email to campaign donors that she didn't know what the special counsel was trying to achieve when he suggested President Joe Biden could not remember when his son Beau died.

”We should give everyone grace, and I can’t imagine someone would try to use our son’s death to score political points," she wrote in the email Saturday. "If you’ve experienced a loss like that, you know that you don’t measure it in years -- you measure it in grief."

It was an emphatic defense of her husband in a note to supporters as Biden's team worked to alleviate Democratic concerns over the alarms raised by a special counsel about Biden’s age and memory, in a report determining that Biden would not be charged with any criminal activity for possessing classified documents after he left office.

Biden campaign officials said Sunday that Jill Biden's message was the best-performing email since the president's initial email launching his campaign on April 25, though they would not say how much money had been raised because of it.

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