Jim Jordan is about to get legally dragged over whether he colluded with Trump to subvert 2020

1 month ago 19

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio really wasn't interested in answering questions about the conversation he had with Donald Trump on Jan. 6. When Fox News' Bret Baier first asked Tuesday whether he had spoken to Trump that day, Jordan's mouth started firing off like a Gatling gun. 

He had talked to Trump "umpteen times ... thousands... countless times ... numerous times," Jordan said before Baier interrupted him. 

"No, I mean on Jan. 6, Congressman," Baier clarified.

"Yes," Jordan finally said, adding that he couldn't even recall the many times he's spoken to Trump.

The next day, Jordan more readily admitted that Jan. 6 call. But asked by Spectrum News reporter Taylor Popielarz whether he spoke with Trump before, during, or after the Capitol attack, Jordan was again overtaken by memory issues. 

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