MAGA's been the bane of McConnell's existence. In 2024, he's desperate to escape its clutches

4 months ago 15

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who once imagined he would presently be Majority Leader McConnell, is nervous. After what Senate Republicans viewed as a solid 2022 map to retaking the upper chamber, McConnell is also already telegraphing a bit of trepidation on what should be a can't-miss GOP map in '24—when Democrats will be defending 23 seats, including three in red states Ohio, Montana, and West Virginia. It's brutal.

But as McConnell well knows, there's virtually nothing MAGA can't mess up for Republicans. So when he was asked about his House counterpart, newly elected Speaker Kevin McCarthy, McConnell was cautiously diplomatic about the relative brightness of McCarthy's future.

"Hopefully [he] was not so weakened by all of this that he can’t be an effective speaker," McConnell said of the bruising House GOP leadership fight. "I’m pulling for him. I think he was the right guy for the job. And I’m hoping it’s going to settle down & work out well.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement—more like thoughts and prayers.

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