News Roundup: Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act; Trump keeps swirling in a vortex o' crime

1 month ago 23

President Biden signed the legislation known as the Inflation Reduction Act today; despite the Manchin-pandering title, the bulk of the bill is devoted to steps to slow climate change, better enforce tax laws ignored by the rich, and lower American health care costs.

The former White House inhabitant made news himself today; press reports indicate the Trump Organization's chief financial officer will plead guilty to off-the-books payouts benefiting himself, but that won't stop the wider investigation into suspected Trump financial fraud. The inspector general who oversaw the "accidental" erasure of Secret Service records on and before the Jan. 6 coup attempt won't be recusing himself from the investigation into those acts. And Republicans are honing their midterm message: more crookedness in service of getting revenge against all the people who caught Trump being crooked. Well, it's consistent.

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