Nigel Farage interviewed by Nick Robinson on Panorama election special – live

3 weeks ago 22

Reform leader speaks on BBC as part of special election interviews; Welsh TV election debate to take place on BBC One Cymru

Hello, and welcome to our continued coverage of the 2024 UK general election campaign. The media set piece tonight is a half hour Panorama interview with freshly installed leader of Reform UK Nigel Farage. Nick Robinson is asking the questions.

That starts at 7pm on BBC One, unless you are in Wales, in which case 7pm is the beginning of the Welsh TV election debate on BBC One Cymru. Bethan Rhys Roberts is chairing a debate with senior figures from the Welsh Conservatives, Welsh Labour, Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Reform UK. The Green party can feel pretty aggrieved not to have been invited – they secured more votes than Reform UK at the last Senedd elections in 2021.

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