Nothing says desperation like GOP strategists counseling Republicans to support contraception access

4 months ago 42

Republican strategists have identified a five-alarm fire in their house and are breaking out the garden hose to deal with it.

On top of the fact that Republicans are pushing abortion bans across the country, many anti-freedom conservatives have also set their sights on controlling birth control access as a new frontier. In fact, in 2022, House Speaker Mike Johnson was one of 195 Republicans who voted against Democrats' Right to Contraception Act, which would have codified a right to contraception into federal law.

Enter three Republican strategists hoping to run interference on the anti-freedom anti-women authoritarian impulses pulsing through the Republican Party. Kellyanne Conway, the "alternative facts" mastermind of the Trump administration, is leading a trio of women hoping to help congressional Republicans escape the abortion trap that effectively crushed their midterm dreams last cycle.

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