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The Nuclear Free Local Authorities have written to the Chief Executive of French-owned UK nuclear plant operator, EDF Energy, and to the Minister for Climate Change seeking assurances that Russian uranium is not used to power British reactors.

The Chair of the UK/Ireland NFLA, Councillor David Blackburn, was disturbed to read in a recent report published by EDF Energy’s French parent that long-term contracts for natural and enriched uranium existed between the company and Russian-owned supplier Tenex.

On Page 27 of the document (, it states that fluorination and enrichment services are provided by several companies including Tenex.

Tenex is the export arm of the Russian Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, founded by the decree of Vladimir Putin in 2007.

Councillor Blackburn has now written to Mr Simone Rossi, CEO of EDF Energy, and Minister Greg Hands to seek their reassurance that Russian uranium, especially that sourced from a trading arm of the Russian state, plays no part in Britain’s nuclear power production, and that the Government continues to take action to ensure that this remains so.

Commenting, Cllr Blackburn said: “From the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, the UK Government has made plain its desire to move away from Russian supplied energy resources. Many British citizens and EDF Energy customers will I am sure wish to join me in seeking reassurance from the nuclear plant operator and the government that Britain is no longer dependent for any part of its energy needs on Russian supplied uranium.”


For more information, please contact NFLA Secretary Richard Outram by email on or telephone 07583 097793

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