Nuts & Bolts: Inside the Democratic Party: Don't be chicken

1 month ago 16

It’s another Sunday, so for those who tune in, welcome to a diary discussing the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic campaign. If you’ve missed out, you can catch up any time: Just visit our group or follow the Nuts & Bolts Guide. Every week I try to tackle issues I’ve been asked about. With the help of other campaign workers and notes, we address how to improve and build better campaigns, or explain issues that impact our party.

You’ve all seen them: mail pieces that ran against your local candidate, framing them as in league with AOC, Bernie Sanders, and “socialists.” Can you imagine a Democratic candidate running a piece of mail with a photo of the sedition on Jan. 6 with shadowed photos of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Josh Hawley in the background, and the statement: “Republican candidate X stood silent for an insurrection. He puts himself in line with QAnon supporters like Marjorie Taylor Green and Josh Hawley, who tried to overthrow the government”? Democratic candidates struggle to do this kind of campaigning. Maybe that shouldn’t be the case.

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