Old Video of Man Pelting Stone at PM Modi’s Poster Viral As Recent

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An old video of a man pelting a stone at a poster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being shared online falsely linking it to the recently concluded first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha election.

BOOM found that the incident in the viral video dates back to December 2023 and had taken place in Nagpur, Maharashtra

In the 17-second video, a man is repeatedly pelting a stone at PM Modi's poster at a bus stop while onlookers record videos of him.

Rajeev Reddy, South India in-charge of communications at the All Indian Congress Committee (AICC), shared the video with the caption, "Brace for public wrath BJP ! A video clip surfaces on internet showing a youth throwing slipper at Mod!"

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Another Congress supporter on X wrote, "BJP has to introspect why so much of hatred against one man? Why people hate him so much?? Eventually you reap what you sow!"

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BOOM found that the incident of a man pelting a stone at PM Modi's poster at a bus stop is from December 2023 in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

We looked at the viral video closely and found that the bus stop at which the video was shot is 'Chandramani Nagar', a locality in the Rameshwari region of Nagpur.

Taking a clue from this, we ran a keyword search of the incident on Google using 'Nagpur man pelts stone at PM Modi poster'. This led us to a news report by The Free Press Journal published on December 28, 2023 with the headline 'Nagpur: Man Pelts Stone At Banner With PM Narendra Modi's Pic; Congress Leader Shares Video'. The visuals in this report matched the viral video.

According to FPJ, the incident took place in Nagpur and a video of the same was shared by the Chairman of Congress' SC department in Gujarat, Hitendra Pithadiya, in December 2023.

Click here for an archive. Hindi news outlet Lokmat carried a report on the incident as well. 

We also found several social media posts from December 2023 carrying the same video. See here and here.

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