Pakistan floods: “Our crops and animals. Everything was washed away”

5 months ago 32

Ramzan, a local farmer, whose crops were destroyed during the 2022 Pakistan floods, makes ends meet by ferrying people across a field on a makeshift raft. A landowner who appears in the video says that climate change will make agriculture in the region unviable and lead to mass migration. Pakistan's 2022 monsoonal floods affected 33 million people across the country and claimed more than 1730 lives. Climate change has been identified as a contributing factor to the increasing frequency and severity of floods in Pakistan. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns are causing more intense rainfall and extreme weather events, leading to more frequent and severe flooding. Pakistan emits less than 1 per cent of the greenhouse gases driving the climate crisis but stands to be among the worst impacted nations. This film was made by British-Pakistani artist and filmmaker, Seemab Gul, and commissioned by Greenpeace International.
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