Pakistan floods: “Until there is accountability...they will not be free from wrongdoings."

5 months ago 24

Balochistan was one of the hardest hit areas during the 2022 Pakistan floods. Social activist, Zaheer shows us around a slum that has been devastated by the floods but still has not been rebuilt. Zaheer blames climate change, which he says is caused by industrialised nations, but indigenous people like those in Balochistan, are paying the price. He calls on these nations to pay for their wrongdoing. Pakistan's 2022 monsoonal floods affected 33 million people across the country and claimed more than 1730 lives. Climate change has been identified as a contributing factor to the increasing frequency and severity of floods in Pakistan. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns are causing more intense rainfall and extreme weather events, leading to more frequent and severe flooding. Pakistan emits less than 1 per cent of the greenhouse gases driving the climate crisis but stands to be among the worst impacted nations. This film was made by British-Pakistani artist and filmmaker, Seemab Gul, and commissioned by Greenpeace International.
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