'Potential for chaos' as Ohio Republican education overhaul clashes with judge's injunction

2 months ago 58

In July, Ohio Republicans passed a state budget that included a major overhaul of the state Department of Education. It's October, and the mess they created is becoming reality as it’s not clear who is allowed to do what to run the education system in Ohio. While things are unclear, Gov. Mike DeWine is moving ahead as if he’s sure to get his way in the end.

The budget incorporated, at the last possible minute, an over-1,300-page passage of a bill that had been held up in the state House. It stripped the state Board of Education—11 of the members are elected, while eight are appointed by the governor—of many of its powers, transferring them to a new position that would be appointed by the governor. The Department of Education would also be renamed the Department of Education and Workforce.

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