Queen’s platinum jubilee pudding is absurdly complicated. I know, I’ve made it

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The Fortnum & Mason competition winner may be fit for royalty, but is Jemma Melvin’s ‘humble’ outsized trifle recipe a good fit for our times?

Jemma Melvin, the winner of the competition to find a pudding to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee, has called her lemon swiss roll and amaretti trifle a “humble” dish. But as I stand in my kitchen in the early morning light, wearily contemplating her recipe, it seems anything but modest.

For starters, there’s its size. “Serves 20,” I read. Should I swap my glass bowl for a bucket? It’s also ridiculously complicated, requiring the cook to make not only jelly and custard but also swiss rolls, lemon curd, amaretti biscuits, a “chunky” mandarin coulis and jewelled white chocolate “bark”.

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