Russia-Ukraine war: civilians told to evacuate Lysychansk; Kremlin says ‘not our problem’ if bond payments blocked by sanctions – live

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Governor calls for civilians to escape ‘due to real threat to life’ in Lysychansk; Russia says bond payments were paid in May but blocked by sanctions

Zelenskiy meets G7 leaders as US plans to offer air defence systemWhat we know on day 124 of Russia’s invasion

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy is set to address world leaders at the G7 meeting virtually today. He has just posted to Telegram pictures of damage from missile strikes in Kyiv, with the message:

No Russian missiles, no strikes can break the morale of Ukrainians. And each of their missiles is an argument in our negotiations with partners.

Our armed forces continue to destroy the occupiers on the line of contact. In the Kharkiv direction, the invaders attacked in the direction of Dementiivka and Pitomnyk, suffered losses and retreated. In the area of Izium, the enemy does not stop trying to advance. Our defenders are resisting, destroying the occupiers’ manpower and armoured vehicles.

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