Saturday Night Owls: Black mayors push police reform

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Night Owls is a themed open thread appearing at Daily Kos seven days a week.

McKinley L. Price is mayor of Newport News, Virginia, and president of the African American Mayors Association. At The Grio, he writes—Black mayors are leading the charge to reform the police:.

[...] My Black mayor colleagues and I at the African American Mayors Association are keenly aware of the need to revamp our policing system. That’s why we created a PEACE Pact, with proven, practical solutions to foster community-centered policing that will keep all Americans safe—and have started implementing these reforms in our communities.

These solutions work because they bring the police and the people they serve closer together. Now, it’s up to federal policymakers to help make these policies standard practice across the nation.

The “P” in our pact’s acronym stands for provide transparency. The foundation of community-centered policing is built upon trust, and trust is fostered by providing ongoing transparency to the community. Transparency in policing can be enhanced by establishing a dedicated website or hotline for the public to report misconduct. We also recommend cities establish a joint protocol between the mayor’s office and the police department to address public inquiries concerning police-involved incidents resulting in death or injury, provide consistent community updates on police activity, and publish incidences of misconduct and disciplinary actions online.

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