Senate Republicans now saying it's up to McCarthy to avoid a shutdown

2 weeks ago 13

The government will shut down in 11 days unless House Speaker Kevin McCarthy can unite his openly warring Republican conference and Senate Republicans decide to prioritize a functioning government. McCarthy’s only plan to avert a shutdown disaster is the one that some hard-liners crafted with a handful of moderates—a plan that another bunch of hard-liners have already rejected.

That has pitted the House Republican conference against each other—and against McCarthy—in the most vicious fighting to date. Unsurprisingly, Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia are in the middle of it all, throwing kerosine on every little flame that pops up. Greene and Gaetz, who is not a Freedom Caucus member, have been sparring with the members who helped broker the doomed deal, including fellow Florida Rep. Byron Donalds and Texas Rep. Chip Roy, each of whom blasted back.

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