Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland Newsletter 2 December 2021: climate solution

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Whakarauora Ahuarangi

Climate Solution

November 26, escorting the three arrested Rebels to Court, then to the ANZ to redo the ‘Wilful Damage’ by repainting Zero Emissions 2025 and the XR Logo on the footpath, we even got the conservative NZ Herald interested.

Thank you Red Rebels and everyone who supported this action


Why the Government needs you to protest for the climate

“You need to ensure that you’ve got social licence for the change programme. The executive needs to feel that it’s got the support to do what needs to be done. So having an active Opposition against climate action, which there is, makes things harder.” James Shaw.

Advocacy from the public can help outweigh that opposition.


In this newsletter:

December Action End of Year Gathering of Rebels Gearing up to 2022 Citizens Assmemly Can you help the rebellion?

December Action confirmed

Friday December 10th (rain date 17th) 2.30pm. Join ACA to give Fonterra and/or Genesis a clear message that we don’t want future Summers to be in a post-apocalyptic world.

See you for some disruptive fun. We need to keep up the pressure on these major polluters.

We need banner holders, leafleters, name & contact gatherers. Contact by text Gill 021869677 or Caril 0211883933

Red Rebels

Red Rebels will be out in force December 10th at Fonterra and Genesis in Fanshaw St with ACA (Coal Action Activists) To become a Red Rebel contact by text Margaret 022473073

End of Year

Dec 13th 6 pm at Gribblehirst Hub

Everyone is welcome to join us as we end a challenging year but look forward to effective action on the climate through citizens pressure in 2022

Bring and share food and drinks and your Vaxx Pass.


5 Cabbage Tree Swamp Lane, Sandringham Auckland

Looking forward to 2022

A strategy meeting confirmed our focus: Zero Emissions 2025.


We considered that there are many significant industry headquarters and finance organisations and other suitable targets, plus one third of the population in around and within reach of Tamaki Makaurau.

Our role is to ‘raise the alarm’. There are many actions and decisions that could be made now. The knowledge of what is needed is available now. We are not the solutions givers. We are the alarm raisers.

The main target is the national decision makers: Government, the Prime Minister.

Help us create lots of effective nonviolent direct and disruptive actions next year as we build the international pressure to COP 27 for real international commitment and action to the Paris Agreement of post-industrial heating to 1.5 degrees because the people are speaking, wanting the necessary urgent action now to keep the planet livable.

Citizens Assembly

Miro and Tane are inviting you to join their team working on a fully inclusive decision making system for Aotearoa to address the current crises that includes a national level Citizen Assembly.

The requirements are:

a commitment of 3 hours a week and alignment with our strategic plan (the abstract of the plan in form of a fictional story alignment with agreements about how we work together (work in progress)

If you are interested, please email mirozaleta@gmail.com and ask for the link to the two documents. Then contact us us for details of joining this Working Group

Can’t join actions?

Firstly, a huge thanks to Radical Action Grants https://www.facebook.com/RadicalActionGrants for a grant for the 2022 campaign.

And a huge thanks to everyone who has made a donation. Your contributions are making a big difference.

2022 is shaping up to be a critical year as the world focuses on action at COP27.

Please make a donation through Kiwibank 38-9022-0356965-00

Me oho ake, me mātike, me kakama ki te kōrerorero ki te mahi i te mahi e tika ana hoki.

We need to be attentive, on our feet, and enthusiastic to discuss the work that is required.

Looking forward to seeing you Dec 10 &/or the End of Year Dec 13 as together we work to get the political will to take the necessary action for Zero Emissions 2025

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