The Biden administration delays crucial approval for California's climate rules

4 weeks ago 24

California's groundbreaking climate and air pollution rules face potential rollback if President Biden's Environmental Protection Agency fails to act before a looming deadline.

Blanca Begert reports for POLITICO.

In short:

  • The EPA has not yet approved California's request to enforce eight climate and air pollution rules.
  • The Congressional Review Act (CRA) could allow future Republican leadership to nullify these rules if not approved soon.
  • Former President Trump has stated he would revoke California's stricter emission standards if re-elected.

Key quote:

“President Trump is committed to doing everything in his power, and whatever is necessary, to stop Joe Biden and his far-left cronies from implementing a ban on gasoline-powered automobiles anywhere in America.”

— Karoline Leavitt, Trump campaign spokesperson

Why this matters:

If the EPA does not approve California's waivers, future administrations could easily dismantle the state's progressive environmental standards. This delay threatens the progress in reducing emissions and setting stricter environmental policies nationwide.

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