TikTok Walmart retirement isn't cause for celebration, it's a dystopian nightmare

1 year ago 58

An 82-year-old Walmart cashier is getting to retire after TikTok users raised more than $100,000 to make that possible. 

If that sentence doesn’t seem several kinds of wrong to you, I don’t know what to say.

Butch Marion, the 82-year-old in question, is not the first elderly Walmart employee to be able to retire thanks to TikTok donations. It’s a whole damn trend. Carmen Kelly, another 82-year-old who had $50 in her bank account when a Walmart customer asked her why an elderly woman with a cane was working as a greeter, came before him as a recipient of $120,000 in fundraising. Nola Carpenter, 81, retired after a fundraising campaign that brought in more than $180,000. Marion, who spent 10 years in the Navy, was excited that the recent GoFundMe a TikToker set up for him would allow him to “go to Florida and see my kids,” and “enjoy my last 10 or 12 years I’ve got.”

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