Trump appointees delayed, altered CDC reports; claimed children couldn't spread pandemic

1 year ago 29

On Friday, Politico broke a story since confirmed by The New York Times and The Washington Post: Trump Health and Human Services appointee Michael Caputo and his aides have been continuously interfering with, either demanding alterations to or holding up publication of, the Center for Disease Control's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports. This follows a Politico report on Caputo's appointed senior "adviser" (Caputo, the appointed assistant secretary for public affairs, hired his own "adviser" to vet CDC science and public statements) Paul Alexander weighing in—in harsh, partisan, and conspiratorial terms—in emails to career CDC experts.

Michael Caputo is a conspiracy crank who has already been identified as reaching deep into HHS to attempt to enforce loyalty to Trump's proclamations and false statements. That he and Alexander have specifically attempted to insert themselves in the Morbidity and Mortality reports, CDC products intended to update the nation on the nonpartisan medical facts, on the pandemic and everything else, is another sign of how corrupted—and how cultish, conspiracy-minded and authoritarian—the nation's government continues to become.

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