Trump's COVID-19 testing czar warns the unvaccinated: 'You’re going to get the delta variant'

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Honestly, I’d forgotten that Donald Trump had a COVID-19 testing czar. It doesn’t seem like his bag. At all. I could maybe see a hydroxychloroquine czar or a nougat czar or a “where’s the closest McDonald’s?” czar, but a testing czar? For the guy who publicly and bitterly complained that we were doing too many tests? He may as well have appointed a natural human skin tone czar. I mean, really. What’s the point?

But hey, former COVID-19 testing czar Adm. Brett Giroir did work for Donald Trump, so maybe—just maybe—when he says scary-as-all-fuck things like this, the more Trumpily inclined among us will at the very least deign to listen. 

Giroir appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time Friday to launch a big, bright warning flare into the faces of the vaccine-hesitant among us. What he said was frightening, even for those of us who are vaccinated. As for the unvaccinated? They’re like school kids eagerly queuing up to stick their tongues to flagpoles in the winter. You know it will end badly, but there’s simply no way to talk them out of it. Because, well, they’re fuckin’ flagpole-lickers.

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