Ukraine Update: Russia’s ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ is going down

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The Russian navy owns just one aircraft carrier. It’s been out of service since 2019 and may never sail again.

But the “carrier” that dictator Vladimir Putin has bragged about for years isn’t the sad, outdated, and accident-prone Admiral Kuznetsov: It’s Crimea. On the anniversary of the 2014 invasion in which Russia captured the Crimean Peninsula, Putin rolled out an old nickname to describe how a captured Crimea allowed Russia to dominate the Black Sea.

“I recalled that Crimea is often called the unsinkable aircraft carrier,” said Putin. “This is what prompted me to say that Crimea had returned to its home harbor.”

But even if the land that Russia’s Crimean air bases rest on is unsinkable, the planes, buildings, and defenses at those bases are not unreachable. And Ukraine has been reaching thema lot.

Crimea has already become too dangerous for Russian ships. Now it may also be too dangerous for Russian planes. And soon, it could be too dangerous for Russians altogether.

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