Wellness for Activists: You probably aren't drinking enough water

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Welcome to my weekly feature covering ways us activists can lead healthier lives. For a full explanation check out the inaugural edition here, but in short, most of us do a terrible job of taking care of our minds and bodies. This is a science-based exploration of how to change that, so we can be around for many years of fruitful activism. You can find other articles in this series here.

You don’t drink enough water. 

An oft-cited 1998 survey by New York Hospital and Cornell of 3,003 Americans found that 75% were chronically dehydrated, a number that has been repeated by follow-up surveys in the years since. For example, this survey for appliance maker Bosch found that just 22% of Americans drank the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day (64-80 ounces, or 1.9-2.4 liters). We’ll talk about actual water requirements in a little bit, but it’s not a stretch to say that hydration is an oft-neglected part of our busy daily lives, easy to forget and ignore. Yet the health consequences are considerable. 

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