While people die in Gaza, the UK parliament goes to war over the ceasefire

1 month ago 25

Everyone wanted a ceasefire. Only they wanted their own ceasefire, not anyone else’s ceasefire

Just when you hoped you’d reached rock bottom, parliament finds a way of going still lower. Westminster bows to no one in its efforts to let you and the country down. Luckily it can’t let itself down. That would imply it had some primitive, protozoan conscience. Politicians who strive for dignity – who demand respect – prove themselves to be made of straw. Little men and women driven entirely by their own worst instincts.

Take the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza. The murder of about 1,200 Israelis by Hamas terrorists on 7 October. More than 100 hostages still to be released. The killing of 30,000 Palestinians: most of them women and children. Much of Gaza reduced to rubble. Food, water and medical supplies all critical.

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