White couple who pointed guns at St Louis protesters face criminal charges – live

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12.22am BST

In announcing criminal charges against a wealthy white couple who pointed guns at anti-racist protesters marching through their gated community, St. Louis’ top prosecutor said the protesters were “peaceful” and “unarmed.”

1/ Statement from Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner - Today my office filed charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey following an incident involving peaceful, unarmed protesters on June 28th. Full statement below: pic.twitter.com/zPucQ3MHs5

7/ I issued charges against an individual who assaulted peaceful demonstrators at the King Louis IX statute on June 27th. I am open to recommending diversion in this case as well.

11.24pm BST

In late June, when a white couple pointed guns at the racial justice protesters marching past their $1.15 million mansion in St. Louis, the photographs and the video of the incident immediately went viral.

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